Do's & Don'ts of Termite Control

Termites have the power to eat your home from the inside out. Any wooden flooring, walls and foundation are subject to these pests. There are many preventative measures you can take to keep out these irritating insects. However, some measures work better than others while some do not work at all. Here are some ways to make your home termite resistant. 

What You Should and Should Not Do

DO schedule routine inspection appointments with a licensed pest control technician. Bluesway Pest Control offers termite control services to keep your home safe and secure. Our certified professionals will be glad to help you. If you feel your home may need an inspection, please call us today at (914) 968-8404 for a free consultation.

DON'T assume your house is currently free of termites. Always keep your eyes peeled for any holes or small openings inside and outside your home. Termites can pass through incredibly tiny openings, so glancing over any secluded or dark corners of your home is recommended when starting termite control actions.

DO fillings and closings on any openings where treatment has been performed. Although termites may be gone, there is a reason they were there in the first place. After your professional termite control control treatment, Taking out any entry ways for termites and other bugs by sealing of holes, cracks and gaps is a surefire way to prevent future infestations. 

DON'T let water or moisture gather and accumulate in and around your home's foundation. Clean your gutters so water can easily escape. Make sure your sprinklers are directed away from your home so no water collects. If your home has any water leaks from appliances including air conditioners, pipes and faucets, fix them immediately. Most living creatures need water to survive. Effective termite control forces them to find another water source.

DO thorough upkeep and landscaping work on your property. Termites love consuming any wood in and around your home. Make sure any dead trees, branches, roots and stumps are removed from your yard. Piled up leaves should be cleaned up and discarded. Lastly, make sure all bushes and shrubs are planted away from your home and spaced apart so you have room to trim them.

DON'T attempt major prevention treatments by yourself. You have a high risk of damaging your home or yourself if performed incorrectly. If common treatments are not producing desired results, contacting a termite control expert should be your next step.

Trusted and Reliable Services

It is important to be able to properly identify termites. That way you can effectively set a plan of control. If you are unsure of what to do, don't worry because the experts at Bluesway Pest Control are just a call away. If you are interested in our services, please contact us today by calling: (914) 968-8404. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about controlling the termites or any other bug problem you may be experiencing.