Ant Control Tips and Strategies

Bluesway Pest Control offers a variety of exterminating services, including ant control. Through our years of experience in the field we have become a trusted name in the Yonkers area. For more information about controlling ants, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about controlling ants.

Inspect Your Situation

When analyzing your ant problem, first break down what sort of issue you have. Are these ants that live outside and forage inside the home or have these ants already built a nest inside. Once this is established, strategies for controlling the ants can be deployed. Also, identifying which type of ant is present is helpful, but you may need a magnifying glass. 

How To Stop Outside Ants From Getting In

For ants that live outside, caulking and sealing cracks and crevices is your first move. This eliminates their passageways into the home. Ants are great at finding even the smallest of entryways, so you may not get them all, but it would be a start. Once they are sealed, you need to clean the entry points to remove the pheromone trail that was laid down by the ants leading to the food. Clean with a detergent and then spray an insecticide to prevent from further attraction.

How To Control Ants Already In Your Home

For ants that have already nested inside your home, you will have a little more work to do. For starters, ant baits are an effective way of controlling the ants. They are safe for the house and they come in gels, granules or stations. The ingredients in the baits are made to attract ants, as they are sugary and/or greasy. The best place to lay down the bait is in the path of the ants, that way they can take it back to the colony. If you properly place down these baits, then you may be able to eliminate the entire nest.