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Bed Bug Control

Bluesway Pest Control provides homeowners with an array of pest control services for any variety of biting pests. This includes bed begs. Our exterminators will get the job done quickly and efficiently. We are a licensed team of exterminators and have years of experience with bed bug control. We perform our bed bug control services across upstate New York, including:

Dobbs Ferry


Mount Vernon

New Rochelle

Port Chester



White Plains


Bed Bug Control Treatment Considerations

Identifying the problem early on can go a long way when considering what type of bed bug control is necessary. It is vital to determine the extent of infestation. Inspect the infested areas and surrounding living spaces in order to correctly identify the pest. This will help develop a strategy about how to attack the situation. 

Our residual sprays will be applied by our technicians using a compressed air tank. Crack and crevice treatments will be applied to different areas in the home, including:



throw rugs

area rugs


chests of drawers



These and any other areas where bed bugs might crawl will be inspected. Our preferred pesticide spray is Transport. This pesticide is odorless, relatively safe to use in apartments where children and pets live, and is usable on water-safe fabrics. The main advantage of this chemical is its broadcast label, which allows us to apply more liberal applications than most other insecticides.

We also use a sterilization additive to the formula called Gentrol. This addition prevents pest larvae from progressing to the adult stage by either causing sterility of adults or preventing the emergence of insects from the pupal stage thus helping to prevent future infestations. After our pesticide spray solution dries, we will begin the important application of pesticide dust for bed bug control. These dust formulas will be applied by the use of our technician’s hand-held bellows. Any area of possible bed bug harborage, especially those areas where our spray cannot reach, will be treated.

Bed Bug Control Recommendations 

Bed Bug ControlAreas where we will apply this dust will be in the electrical outlets of the apartments, the seams or joints in the construction of bed frames, inside boxed springs, behind and beneath baseboards and baseboard moldings—any area small enough for bed bugs to enter and hide. Our staff of experts is excellent at determining the route of attack to combat the infestation.

With regards to mattresses and box springs, we caution against throwing away mattresses and box springs if they are discovered to be infested. We believe that by discarding the mattress and box spring you are increasing the chances of spreading bed bugs throughout your building or neighborhood via a neighbor "trash picking." We also believe that moving the mattress and box spring out of the bedroom will increase the chances of bed bugs falling off en route.

When an infestation is discovered, we believe a better bed bug control technique is to encase all mattresses and box springs. This method will effectively trap all bugs inside of the encasement and they will eventually die from the lack of a food source. Although we do not recommend discarding infested bedding, we do understand the possible mental distress associated with sleeping on an infested encased bed. If this is the case and you still wish to replace your mattress and box spring, we recommend encasing both before moving them out of the apartment and into the garbage.

We also recommend marking the bedding as bed bug-infested so that it does not get unknowingly get picked up and brought into another residence. In any and all cases, mattress and box spring encasement must be utilized. If you are unable to obtain mattress casings, we can provide it for an additional charge.

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The professionals at Bluesway Pest Control can handle any type of bed bug infestation and will find a way to control the insects. If you believe you have a problem with bed bugs, please contact us immediately. The number to call is: 914-968-8404. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our bed bug control services. We can also provide you with a free estimate for our bed bug control services.