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Rodent Control

The sight of even a single mouse or rat in your home can mean there is an entire family living in your basement, walls or among stored items in the attic. Mice are the most common pest in and around human living and work places. They damage and destroy materials by gnawing at and eating your food, especially cereal products, chocolate and nuts. Rodents are a serious and very prevalent cause of allergies and asthma. Being exposed to rodents can lead to allergies, asthma symptoms (wheezing, difficulty breathing, etc.), a full-blown asthma attack or asthma-related illnesses.

For those who already suffer from allergies and asthma, actively eliminating rodents and their urine and dander is of utmost importance to health. But even if you don't have any symptoms now, if you suspect mice are in your home, take preventive measures to eliminate them as soon as possible. Take a look at our rodent control products below.


Bluesway Pest Control sells a wide assortment of pest and rodent control supplies for the "Do-It-Yourselfer". All of our products listed below are the same ones used by our exterminators and other pest control companies and are not available in your local hardware store. 

"Bluesway Pest Control cannot and will not sell restricted-use pesticides to the general public. Such products are for use only by licensed, certified pest-control technicians. Restricted-use products are not for sale or included in our listings."

Affordable Rodent Control Supplies

Bluesway Pest Control has a great selection of rodent control products to help with any problems you may be experiencing. This includes professional mouse traps, rat killers and poison, and pesticides.

Please contact us today with any questions you may have regarding any rodent issues you may be experiencing. The number to call is 914-968-8404 today.