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Bluesway Pest Control is proud to offer all New Rochelle and surrounding area residents our professional termite control for your home or business. Our professionally trained staff has years of experience ensuring that your home will be rid of termites. We understand how tough it can be to deal with an infestation by yourself, so let us to get the job done efficiently and safely. Our commitment to outstanding customer support allows us to provide you with the most thorough and efficient termite and pest control service.

Termite Control Inspections

Our termite control team will inspect your New Rochelle home or business for signs of a possible termite infestation including standing water or wood piles next to the house, cracks in the foundation walls, floors and visible damage to wood elements. After inspection, and if termites are found, we will develop a plan that will ensure termites stay away from your property.

Your home's structure and foundation is an area where termites can cause significant damage. If left untreated for too long, these damages can become dangerous and spread throughout the home. Our team of termite exterminators have years of experience combating these insects for residents across the New Rochelle.

Properly Identify Termites

Know the dangerous difference between "flying ants" and termites - Winged termites are often mistaken for ants, but there are noticeable differences. Here's how to tell them apart:

  • Ants have different sized wings (the front wings are longer than the back wings)
  • Termite wings are all the same size
  • Ants have a bent antennae
  • Termite antennae are short and straight
  • Ants have a narrow, pinched waist
  • Termites have a thick, straight waist

Understanding the differences between these two insects can help to determine a proper course of action in eliminating the problem. We can devise a proper termite control plan to combat the situation. Below is a picture that depicts the differences between the two insects.

Termite Control New Rochelle

New Rochelle Termite Control Team

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Bluesway Pest Control wants your property to be free of termites and all other pests for that matter. Our 30 years of knowledge and experience are evident in our work ethic and performance. The moment you notice signs of an infestation, do not hesitate and contact us immediately. For a free phone consultation and estimate for our New Rochelle residents, please call 914-968-8404. We will answer any questions you have about your home's termite issues and our available termite control services.