Rodent Control

Bluesway Pest Control offers up a whole host of dependable pest control services for both commercial and residential clients in upstate New York. One of the more popular services, especially when the weather gets colder, is our rodent control services.

Rodent Control Service Areas

Here are some areas where you can hire us for reliable rodent control

• Dobbs Ferry

• Eastchester

• Mount Vernon

• New Rochelle

• Port Chester

• Rye


White Plains

• Yonkers

When it comes to rodent control, there are three basic steps: exclusion, elimination of food and water sources and extermination. Exclusion is the process in which you try to prevent rodents from entering into a particular area. You are essentially "rodent-proofing" the area using steel wool around entry points. In dealing with rodent control you`re either going to use a rodenticide (poison), mechanical traps of some sort (snap traps, catch-alls, tin cats, etc.) or glue boards (sticky-traps). The only difference between a rat or a mouse will be the amount or size of the product to be used.

Bluesway Pest Control offers the residents of upstate New York (Westchester and Rockland County) with dependable and reliable rodent control services. Rodents can be a year round issue, but more so in the colder months when food is scarce. For more information about our full rodent control services, please contact us today. You can call 914-968-8404 today. We can provide with a free estimate for our services, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding our full range of pest control services.