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Bluesway Pest Control is proud to offer trusted and reliable termite control services for people throughout the Eastchester, New York area. Our services can be had for both residential and commercial clients. Our professionally trained staff has years of experience ensuring that your home or business will be termite free in no time! So please, BUG US today for more information. The number for our office is 914-968-8404. When you call, we can provide you with a free estimate.

We know the difficulties a termite infestation can be to deal with, so let us get the job done right. We will work thoroughly and efficiently until the job is done. Our commitment to outstanding customer support allows us to provide you with the most thorough and efficient termite and pest control service in the Eastchester area.

Properly Identify Termites

Knowing the dangerous differences between "flying ants" and termites. Winged termites are often mistaken for ants, but there are noticeable differences. Here's how to tell them apart: 

  • The wings of ants are different sizes with the front wings longer than the back wings. Termite wings are all the same size.
  • Ants have a bent antennae and Termite antennae are short and straight.
  • The most noticeable difference is with the shape of the body. Ants have a narrow, pinched waist, whereas termites have a thick, straight waist.

When it comes to proper termite control, these differences can make a huge difference in the methods used. And if you don't know the difference, give us a call! We can properly identify the bug and plan a course of action.

Eastchester Termite Control

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Bluesway Pest Control has years of experience in the field and offers affordable and dependable termite control for people across Eastchester. Our 30 years of knowledge and experience are evident in our work ethic and overall performance. If you see signs of termite infestation do not let it linger and get it taken care of by professionals you can trust! For more information, please contact us today. For a free phone consultation and estimate for our Eastchester residents, please call 914-968-8404. We will answer any questions you have about your home's termite issues.