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Termite Swarming

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Bluesway Pest Control provides expert termite control services for many residents in New York. We do this due to a great understanding of how termites operate. One key facet of controlling termites is knowing when termites typically swarm. Spring is the biggest season for termites, as the weather begins to warm. On top of that, the wetness of spring is also a key element in the swarming of termites. However, not all termite species swarm at the same time, but the ingredients are present.

The Purpose of Termite Swarming

For a swarm to occur, the weather must be warm and usually happens after it rains. The overall purpose of termite swarming is to begin forming new colonies. As a colony matures in age, the production of alate nymphs increases, which then develop into swarmer termites with wings. These swarmers then fly around the colony to pair up with a mate. Once done, they search for a suitable location to start a new colony. Finally, once their wings drop off, the pair will mate.

It is also important to note that the maturity of the colony plays a major role in the swarming process. There isn't exactly an exact age when a termite colony swarms, but subterranean colonies usually don't swarm until they are three years old.

The Role of the Female

In these mating partnerships, the female member becomes the queen of her newly founded colony. She lays the eggs, which eventually hatch into the new workers for the colony. As these termites develop, some will turn into soldiers who will be asked to defend the queen and the other members of the colony from any dangers.

In the queen's lifetime, she could lay up to one million eggs. Also in the colony are reproductive termites called secondary reproductives, which can also lay eggs. However, the queen is primarily responsible for this for as long as she is alive. However, when the queen does ultimately die, it is then the job of the secondary reproductives to take her place.

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