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36 TrapRite Mouse Glue Boards inside a FREE Mouse Station

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36 TrapRite Insect and Mouse Glue Boards

TrapRite Insect & Mouse Glue Boards are made of high quality glue on a disposable cardboard. These non-poisonous mouse and insect glue boards are great for trapping mice, fruit flies, grain moths, cockroaches, crickets and other insects. TrapRite Insect and Mouse Glue Boards can lie completely flat like a sheet of paper(better for catching mice) or you can place them inside a TrapRite Mouse Station (that can be purchased in our other store) if you prefer not to see the insects and rodents.

The glue in TrapRite Insect and Mouse Glue Boards are effective for at least one year and are not toxic to people or pets. If you know the rodents running paths, place a TrapRite glue board wherever rodents have been seen to travel, ideally close to the wall in places not readily accessible to pets and children. If by chance a pet or non-targeted animal gets stuck to the glue trap, household vegetable oil may be applied for painless release.

Included with this order is one FREE TrapRite Mouse Station

TrapRite Mouse Stations are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, and research shows mice prefer cardboard 5 to 1 over plastic stations. Also, by trapping rodents inside the box using traditional snap traps and glue boards you contain the biohazard in an economical and disposable station. Use TrapRite Mouse Stations in sensitive areas where rodenticides are restricted or prohibited, such as schools, hospitals and food facilities. A snap trap or glueboard can be placed inside to effective catch and eliminate your rodent or insect infestation.

If you like this concept of trapping vermin & require additional TrapRite Mouse Stations, please check our store.