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Catchmaster Glostik

Catchmaster Glostik

Catchmaster GloStik Flying Insect Trap (918) is a portable light trap that offers a great solution to your fly control problems. This unit is battery-operated which allows you to bring it to locations where power is not easily accessible. It features an LED based bulb which effectively attracts different species of flying insects including fruit flies, house flies, Indian Meal Moths, and more. The GloStik Flying Insect Trap is ideal to use in situations and areas that doesn't require electricity.

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  1. Slowly lift the GloStik by holding the black protective cap. The orange cap indicates the replacement glue tube (for later use).

  2. Open the base and install 3 AA batteries. (Note: Battery door may open on hinge or remove completely, depending on model. Replace or close door before use.)

  3. Slide power switch to the ON position.



  1. Remove used tube from base. Hold from the cap and pry off from the base. Dispose used glue tube.

  2. Remove tube with the orange cap from box. Remove the orange cap from tube by holding black cap and prying off orange cap.

  3. Replace tube. Hold by protective cap and press down firmly onto base.