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Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps (Large)

Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps (Large)

The Gold Stick Fly Trap model #962 measures two feet long and offers a full 96 square inches of catching surface.

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How Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps Work

Catchmaster Gold Sticks are long tubes with a sticky glue and fly pheromone attractant for capturing and killing house flies and other nuisance flies. Catchmaster Gold Sticks incorporate six special luring elements into their fly traps. Research has shown their combination of lures to be highly attractive to flies and other flying insects up to a distance of 26 feet away.

Unique Features

  • The color itself, gold is a reflective property. The reflective properties of the shiny metallic surface which causes an "open window of light" effect
  • Catchmaster's specially formulated cherry scented adhesive
  • A non-toxic sex attractant
  • Catchmaster's two proprietary attractants which are incorporated into all its glue products.

Placement of Gold Stick Fly Traps

Their square end caps allow you to lay it on or stand it behind, beside or under food processing equipment or hang it either horizontally or vertically by means of it's end hooks. Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps come in a patented "clean access" perforated box that is easy to use and handle. These fly traps can be placed on window sills or hung vertically in areas of fly activity. They can be used in garages, homes, offices, barns and stables, dumpsters, etc.  Gold Stick Fly Traps are designed primarily for professional "behind the scene" applications.