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Rat Zappers Classic

Rat Zappers Classic

The easy-to-use traps provide a quick, humane and safe way to kill rats and mice. When the target enters the trap, two plates deliver a strong and deadly shock, ensuring high kill rates.  Once the rodent’s life is literally zapped out of it, a no-touch feature allows for stress-free disposal of the catch.  Built with high-tech electronics, recycled plastics and recycled packaging, the poison-free Rat Zapper traps are both effective and eco-friendly.

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The Rat Zapper Classic is ideal for trapping average-sized rats and mice. Powered by four AA batteries, the trap can kill 20 rodents per set of batteries.  To increase the shelf-life of the batteries on the Classic, a Rat Pack battery pack may be purchased separately. The convenient Rat Pack attaches directly to the trap and triples the number of rodents killed per set of batteries. The Rat Zapper Ultra has a bigger chamber and is designed for trapping larger rats.  The Ultra trap uses four D batteries which support 50 kills per set of batteries. 

“The Rat Zapper traps are super easy-to-use,” says Andrea Vogel, Category Development Associate at Victor.  “Just insert batteries, place bait in the chamber, turn it on and set the trap near observed rodent activity.”  Baiting with ordinary pet food or other dried bait, such as nuts or dehydrated fruit, is recommended.