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Let Bluesway Pest Control solve your bed bug, termite, carpenter ant, bee, rodent, roaches and stink bug infestation including other chronic pest problems. We have an exterminating service for every pest problem you may encounter. Our staff of pest control experts have seen it all!


"The safety and well being of our customers and employees is our top priority. Due to the emergence of the CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19), we are taking appropriate precautions in maintaining a safe environment for our current and potential new customers. Our outside only pest control service can effectively eliminate your pest or rodent problem. All while complying with safety regulations.

Pest Control Services Areas:

Our pest control services extend to residents and communities in:

• Dobbs Ferry

• Eastchester

• Yonkers

• Mount Vernon

• Scarsdale

New Rochelle

• Port Chester

• Rye

• White Plains


This pest control service is designed to prevent crawling insects, i.e., ants, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, mites, stink bugs, silverfish and other occasional invaders from entering your home as the weather gets warmer. Our pest control technicians will treat only the outside of your home or business, building a defensive "invisible wall" around your property to keep pests from entering. 

Our first visit will include both a residual liquid repellent and a time-released granule formulation. We apply it to the exterior of your home. The application provides an invisible barrier to ward off all unwanted pests. The garbage storage areas and entry points, such as doorways and windows, will be treated with these formulas, as well as the soil and foundation under the siding. This keeps a variety of potential pesky pests from entering your home.

By putting more emphasis on pest control measures on the outside of your home, we will  achieve a more healthier, pest-free environment on the inside. And. you don't need to be home or available on the days service is provided, which allows you to keep your busy schedule intact. 

These pest control services usually begin with the month of April, when the pest season really kicks into action, and end sometime in October. To learn more, please contact us today.

REMEMBER, the foundation of your home is the front line of your war against pests!



This service is designed for the homeowner having pest issues with carpenter ants or termites that developed on the inside of their home which may require more than one service to eliminate them. Or, if the homeowner feels that they do not require monthly exterminating service.

Like termites, carpenter ants can cause a considerable amount of damage to the wooden structure of your home. But unlike termites, that proceed to eat the wood, carpenter ant workers drill a tunnel inside the wood so that the queen can deposit her eggs for "safekeeping" from predators such as spiders and bees. If you should see sawdust (frass) gathering in a particular location, you may have a serious carpenter ant infestation. Don't hesitate and call our office for a free phone consultation.

Treatment Measures 

Our initial treatment for carpenter ant control consists of using a low-odor residual spray to the baseboards on the inside and outside of your house. In addition, time-released insecticidal granules are applied to the soil around the exterior perimeter of your home. These granules, which will last for about 3-4 months, are activated when they get wet. This means that rain or your sprinkler system will not hamper our pest control services, but actually contribute to them. A follow-up treatment is usually recommended within 30-40 days after the initial treatment, in order to expedite control measures.

Upon completion of the second treatment, your name goes into our computer database file and every 3 months thereafter (quarterly), we will call you to schedule another service. Remember, there are no contracts, so additional services are not mandatory, but recommended. If you wish to skip a service or move up a service, no problem.

Pest Control Services You Can Trust!

By becoming a regular quarterly customer (at least 2-3 services per year), you'll get locked into our special quarterly service price. And at no extra cost, we will apply bait stations for the control of mice. We place these baits in garages and basements during the October/November services. We are supremely confident that this added service will keep your home pest and rodent free throughout the winter. This is our most popular exterminating service.


This service is mostly designed for our commercial accounts (restaurants, office and apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, take-out establishments, etc.). Pest problems for commercial facilities can vary from cockroaches, ants, flies, water bugs to food pantry pests and rodents.

Monthly pest control service is highly recommended to obtain effective results, and in some counties (like Rockland) may even be required by law. Under severe conditions, some establishments may require more than once per month service. This is due to the constant flow of food deliveries into these types of establishments. Cockroaches, ants and pantry pests can "hitchhike" from the insides of boxes delivered by food and/or bottle wholesalers and distributors to your home or business.

Learn more about our termite control and the Do's and Don'ts of Termite Control.


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This service is for all those unexpected pests that may visit your house. Whether they're rodents, bees, fleas, bed bugs, termites or the occasional invaders such as millipedes, centipedes, silverfish or crickets. Our professional, licensed technicians will evict these uninvited guests and make sure they don't return.

So go ahead and "bug us" and we'll discuss your particular pest problem and provide you with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION and estimate. We know emergencies happen, but rest assured that Bluesway Pest will be on the job!

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