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Rodent Control

The sight of even a single mouse or rat in your home can mean there is an entire family living in your basement, walls or among stored items in the attic. Mice are the most common pest in and around human living and work places.

They damage and destroy materials by gnawing at and eating your food, especially cereal products, chocolate and nuts. Rodents are a serious and very prevalent cause of allergies and asthma. Being exposed to rodents can lead to allergies, asthma symptoms (wheezing, difficulty breathing, etc.), a full-blown asthma attack or asthma-related illnesses.

For those who already suffer from allergies and asthma, actively eliminating rodents and their urine and dander is of utmost importance to health. But even if you don’t have any symptoms now, if you suspect mice are in your home, take preventive measures to eliminate them as soon as possible. 

Rodent Removal Process

There are 3 basic steps when it comes to rodent control. Exclusion, elimination of food and water sources and extermination.

Exclusion is the process in which you try to prevent rodents from entering into a particular area (rodent proofing), using steel wool around entry points.

In dealing with rodent control you’re either going to use a rodenticide (poison), mechanical traps of some sort (snap traps, catch-alls, tin cats, etc.) or glue boards (sticky-traps). The only difference between a rat or a mouse will be the amount or size of the product to be used.


contrac bloc pest control product

In our business we use the Contrac Blox weatherized bait blox to control rats. This blox feature a multi-edge design that gives rats plenty of gnawing edges. These blox stay fresh and are palatable in wet and dry areas, indoors or out.

These bait blocks should be placed in our tamper-proof bait station such as the Protecta LP or EZ Klean Bait Station, if you have any pets or children living in the house. These stations are child and pet tamper-resistant and fast and easy to service.

Or you can take a more economical approach and use one of our Bell Rodent Baiters. When dealing with mice, one of the best products we’ve come across and use in our business is.

Snap Traps

wooden snap trap

To be honest, we don’t use a lot of snap traps in our business only because our clients don`t want to see dead rodents crushed on a small piece of wood. But, in situations when you’re dealing with a lot of rodents, especially in commercial accounts, snap traps work great, because you would want to catch as many rodents as possible in as many ways as possible.

(Hint) First place these traps down baited with cheese or chocolate but don’t set the “trigger” portion as of yet and place them perpendicular to the wall. Get the rodents used to feeding on them for a for a week.

Afterward, set the trigger portion up. The reason being is that rodents are very smart, if they see one of their comrades caught on a snap trap from the get-go, they will probably avoid them altogether.

That is why you want them to get comfortable feeding on the un-set traps for a while. Then one day…snap, snap, snap, snap. To discard the carcass, simply put your hand into a plastic bag, pick the rodent up by its tail and pull it through the bag.

Rodent Control Service

Bluesway Pest Control has years of experience providing dependable rodent control services for home and business owners throughout Westchester County and Rockland County. Below are just some of the more prominent areas where we offer our services:

• Dobbs Ferry

• Eastchester

• Mount Vernon

• New Rochelle

• Port Chester

• Rye

• Scarsdale

• White Plains

• Yonkers

“Cannot recommend this company enough. We had a big pest problem and they offered the best solution. Great prices – friendly service – SAME DAY appointment. Even if you have a pest control provider, I would consider giving these guys a call to see how they compare.”

Dylan B.

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