Termite Control Products


Bluesway Pest Control sells a wide assortment of pest control supplies for the "Do-It-Yourselfer". All of our products listed below are the same ones used by professional exterminators and pest control companies and are not available in your local hardware store. 

Bluesway Pest Control cannot and will not sell restricted-use pesticides to the general public. Such products are for use only by licensed, certified pest-control technicians. Restricted-use products are not for sale or included in our listings. 

A little information about termites...

Termites cause a lot of damage to homes around the world. For those of you living in the Northeast  area, late March and April are most likely the months when you may find termite activity. This can be Be sure to know what signs to look for, so you are not too late in contacting us to deal with the issue. We have years of experience dealing with termites and can help you with your problem. No matter how big or how small the infestation is, Bluesway Pest Control is there to help.

Come back soon as we add products to our site. In the meantime, call in Westchester and Rockland counties for on-site termite eradication.

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